Share Your Recipe

The practice of recipe sharing is centuries old. It is a way to remember, to preserve traditions, bear witness to our existence, and to celebrate shared experiences.  I would be honored for you to share your recipe and stories here.

Q. Technology gives me the hives! Seriously! I would love to share. Is there any other way?

A. Of course! You can:

~ Invite a tech savvy friend or family member to lunch in exchange for filling in the form 😏

~ Send an email with a picture of the recipe to me

~ Send a copy of the recipe to me through the USPS

Q. Do I have to complete all of the form?

A. All fields with the red asterisk (*) are fields that need to be completed. So, in a word, yes 😉

Q. What if I don’t have a picture of the dish?

A. The photo is pretty important. But if you don’t have one of the dish, you can snap a shot of the recipe card. Some type of image is required. It could be a picture of whoever shared the recipe with you originally.

Q. What does the camera icon mean next to the direction fields and do I need to worry about it?

A. This is an option that allows people to upload individual pictures of the process of making the dish. Don’t worry about it. I don’t even use it 🙂

Sharing your recipe is pretty darn easy. But this tutorial should answer any questions not answered in the FAQ section.

Your Name: Yep, you guessed it, you would enter your name here. I only require your first name. If you want to include your full name, that works too.

Your Email: Again, pretty self explanatory. Your email is important because if I have any questions about the recipe, I can reach you.

Recipe Title: This is what ever you call the recipe. Auntie Marge’s Best Chocolate Cookie Recipe or just Chocolate Cookies. The only rule is that it lets someone know what the recipe is about.

Recipe Image: this is the image that will show at the top of the post and ideally would be of the recipe after it is made. If you don’t have a picture of the recipe, you can also upload a picture of the recipe card, a picture of the person who shared the recipe with you or a picture of an ingredient.

Short Description: This is your opportunity to tell the story of this recipe. Is it a dish that your great grandma brought over with her, it is a dish that is always served at a holiday, is it a dish that your Aunt Lorinda adapted to remind her of home? Tell your story!

Ingredients: Ingredients go here. Start by clicking the “Add Ingredient” button. There are three fields in this section:

  • The first is where you’ll  enter the quantity. Such as 1, 2, 1/4, etc…
  • In the second you’ll choose one of the options provided for the measurement.
  • In third, enter description of the ingredient. Such as Milk, Butter, Shortening etc…

Only enter one ingredient per line. When you click on the “return” button on your keyboard, another line for the next ingredient will appear.

Directions: This is the section that you enter your directions. Click the “Add Direction” button to get started.

It is best to use a line for each direction and remember, you don’t have to do anything in the field that has a camera icon.

When you click on the “return” button on your keyboard, another line for the next ingredient will appear.

Then press “Submit Recipe”. Yay, you’re done!

I’ll review the recipe and ask any questions that I may have. If there are no issues,  it’ll be published on the site to share with the world.

Thank you for taking the time to share your recipe here with us!

~ Leigh