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Cookbook Pages

Wild Cranberry Sauce

Jule Kake

Plum Pudding

Angel Slices

Baked Stuffed Tuna Rolls

Bubula & Kung Jung Eggs


Angel Slices

This recipe for Angel Slices from the Joy of Cooking sold many a copy on its popularity alone. They are, as Jenni Field describes them, magic.

Sichuan-Style Spicy Wontons

In this episode we talk about a recipe for Sichuan-Style spicy wontons that creates a deep sense of identity and a strong bond to ancestry.

The Heritage Cookbook Project Podcast Trailer

  Auntie Kay: “You know what foods are Leigh, they are memories. It’s not just food that you eat.” Leigh Olson: That is my Auntie Kay and it’s from a recording that I made when she and my dad visited a couple of summers ago. I felt compelled to document the...

Gram’s Borscht Soup

Sometimes our holiday memories involve more than just the food.  For Holly, the Ukrainian Borscht she makes each Easter is only part of the tradition. 

Auntie Ev’s Plum Pudding

Sometimes we are blessed to add family members by choice.  These are a very special breed of people who are not related by blood and yet pull you into their lives as family. 

Grandma Knutson’s Jule Kake (Christmas Bread)

Every day at 3:00 PM Grandma Knutson would lay the table with coffee and treats for whoever decided to stop by. And at Christmas time Jule Kake (Christmas Bread) adorned the coffee-time table.