We all have a story to tell.  What’s yours?

Share Your Voice

I would be delighted to share your story here on The Heritage Cookbook Project.  It is really very simple. You can choose one of two options to contribute.  We can have a 30 minute recorded conversation about your food story or you can submit your story in a written format. Personally, I love the conversation as your voice adds so much to the video, but I do understand if your preference is to write the story.

Start Here

Start by clicking the Collect Your Thoughts image and fill in the story form. You can come back to the A Word, as They Say image  if you need time to gather your images. Just don’t forget to complete the release form linked to the With Your Permission image.

Here is a list of images to submit – a handwritten recipe if you have one, if not, you can submit it in typed format, a picture or yourself and a picture of the person that the story is about. Any other images that will help to tell your story are welcome. A picture of your grandma’s apron, wedding pictures, baby pictures, you get the idea. The more the better.

What People Are Saying


“I’m in tears, thank you so much, you did a beautiful job with the story, your meatballs looked exactly like my mums, it all looked spot on.

Just an amazing job.”

  David Carmin


“I just watched this and want to thank you, you did a wonderful wonderful job of displaying and preserving not only my Grandma’s recipe, but also some of her story, I listened with tears of appreciation and love for her and you, I thank you from the bottom of my heart” Carole

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