Release Form Terms and Conditions

I, the undersigned, am a participant in The Heritage Cookbook Project.  I understand that The Heritage Cookbook Project is an initiative to record, collect and publish family recipes and food memories. I understand that The Heritage Cookbook Project will retain a copy of the Recorded Conversation.  I further understand that any and all writing(s) and photograph(s) I submit toThe Heritage Cookbook Project shall be used in connection with the dissemination of information to the general public.

  Transfer of Rights:  In consideration of the recording and preservation of the Recorded Conversation, conducted on or around the date below, I hereby relinquish and transfer to The Heritage Cookbook Project all title and literary property rights that I have or may be deemed to have in the Recorded Conversation, and the submitted family recipe.

Use of Recorded Conversation and all writing(s), recipes and photograph(s): I understand that The Heritage Cookbook Project and its licensees may, without further approval on my part, exhibit, distribute, edit, reproduce, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and broadcast the Recorded Conversation, writing(s), recipes and photograph(s) in all media, including but not limited to: radio, television, compact disc, in print, and on the Internet, as well as any successor technologies, whether now existing or hereafter developed. 

 Use of Likeness, Etc.: I agree that The Heritage Cookbook Project and its licensees may use my name and/or any name related to the story, voice, photographic likenesse(s), and family recipe in connection with the project, reproduction, distribution, publication, public performance, public display, broadcast, and promotion of The Heritage Cookbook Project, without further approval on my part.

 Indemnification: In addition, I waive all claims to compensation or damages based on the use of my image, recipe, and/or voice by The Heritage Cookbook Project. I also waive any right to inspect or approve the finished photograph, video, recipe and/or audio recording. I understand that this consent is perpetual, that I may not revoke it. I attest that I have read this release form and fully understand its contents.