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Overhead shot of Grandma Florence's cornbread muffins. Several of the cornbread muffins are sitting on a folded textile and one is broken apart and sitting on a plate.Grandma Florence’s Cornbread MuffinsBy The Heritage Cookbook ProjectI think there is as much debate about cornbread as there is about religion and politics. Maybe we should embrace the versatility of this tasty quick bread is and celebrate it in all of its forms!
Pan of dinner rolls with one removed. Plate with butter knife and butter in the background.2 Hour RollsBy The Heritage Cookbook ProjectThese easy dinner rolls are from my grandma's recipe box. And they are beyond delicious, light, fluffy and able support a great big pat of butter.
Mexican Velveeta Nachos on a blue plate garnished with lettuce, tomatoes and black olives.When you just want a quick cheesy snack, convenience meets flavor in this colorful dish.Mexican Velveeta NachosBy The Heritage Cookbook ProjectMexican Velveeta Nachos from Grandma's recipe box. When you just want a quick cheesy snack, convenience meets flavor in this colorful dish.
Squares of New England Johnny Cake on countertop with a cooling rack in the background and whipped butter.New England Johnny CakeBy The Heritage Cookbook ProjectThis recipe for New England Johnny Cake from my grandma's recipe box was a surprising find. It is like cornbread, but not the sweet version I grew up with.
A slice of Raspberry Banana Frozen Dessert topped with whipped cream and garnished with fresh raspberries and a mint leaf. Raspberry Banana Frozen Dessert in the background.Raspberry Banana Frozen DessertBy The Heritage Cookbook ProjectThis Raspberry Banana Frozen Dessert is a recipe my grandma got from the wife of one of her nephews. It's a perfect dessert to serve on a hot summer day while watching the kids catch fireflies.
Rhubarb Oatmeal Bar sitting on marble top with pink vintage plate and fork in the background.Rhubarb Oatmeal BarsBy The Heritage Cookbook ProjectThis recipe for rhubarb oatmeal bars from my Grandma’s recipe box carries with it memories of an avocado green oven, matchbox cars and a grandpa I never met.
Mocha Bars with a cup of coffee and creamMocha BarsBy The Heritage Cookbook ProjectThese mocha bars were one of my grandmother's favorites to serve when friends and family would come over for coffee. The recipe is from a community cookbook compiled by the ladies sewing circle of the small rural church she attended.
Easy Borscht RecipeGram’s Borscht RecipeBy The Heritage Cookbook ProjectSometimes our holiday memories involve more than just the food. For Holly, the Ukrainian Borscht she makes each Easter is only part of the tradition.
Falcone's Sauce with Poached EggsFalcone’s Sauce with Poached EggsBy The Heritage Cookbook ProjectThis recipe for Falcone’s Sunday Sauce with Poached Eggs is a beautiful example of a time-honored family recipe.
Plum Pudding with Hard SauceAuntie Ev’s Plum PuddingBy The Heritage Cookbook ProjectPlum pudding is traditionally made several months in advance of the Christmas season. It involves a long and, honestly, laborious process. But the deep, rich flavor of this traditional English dessert is worth the time.
Grandma Knutson's Jule KakeGrandma Knutson’s Jule Kake (Christmas Bread)By The Heritage Cookbook ProjectJule Kake (Christmas Bread) a sweet, rich bread spiked with citron, candied cherries and sweet raisins adorns many a Scandinavian Christmas table. This recipe has been passed down through four generations of the loveliest ladies I have had the pleasure of knowing.
simple cranberry sauce with farmhouse cream“Wild” Cranberry SauceBy The Heritage Cookbook ProjectThis simple cranberry sauce recipe inspired a project. A project whose goal is to document, preserve and celebrate family recipes.

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