Recipe Box Roulette

Recipe boxes are little time capsules. They give us a glimpse of daily life, friendships, family traditions, personalities, and the hopes and dreams of their curators. They’re filled with stories. Some tell of indulgence others of struggles. There are recipes for celebrations and recipes to help console sorrows. I tip my hat to the creators of these culinary works of art and am honored to share their stories here each week as I pull a recipe from my recipe box collection. Join me on Instagram and play along.

Mexican Velveeta Nachos

Mexican Velveeta Nachos from Grandma’s recipe box. When you just want a quick cheesy snack, convenience meets flavor in this colorful dish.

New England Johnny Cake

This recipe for New England Johnny Cake from my grandma’s recipe box was a surprising find. It is like cornbread, but not the sweet version I grew up with.

Rhubarb Oatmeal Bars

This recipe for rhubarb oatmeal bars from my grandma’s recipe box carries with it memories of avocado green ovens, matchbox cars and a grandpa I never met.

Mocha Bars

These mocha bars were one of my grandmother’s favorites to serve when friends and family would come over for coffee. The recipe is from a community cookbook compiled by the ladies sewing circle of the small rural church she attended.

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