Every recipe has a story to tell.

"I listened with tears of appreciation..."

Telling the stories that are woven within recipes is the mission of this project. But the tears of joy are why this project exists. Do you have a recipe that warms your heart, celebrates your culture or connects you to family and friends?

More Stories

Baked Stuffed Tuna Rolls

Forget about your standard tuna sandwich recipe. These Baked Stuffed Tuna Rolls from Episode 2 of the podcast, take this classic recipe to a whole new level.

Angel Slices

This recipe for Angel Slices from the Joy of Cooking sold many a copy on its popularity alone. They are, as Jenni Field describes them, magic.

Sichuan-Style Spicy Wontons

In this episode we talk about a recipe for Sichuan-Style spicy wontons that creates a deep sense of identity and a strong bond to ancestry.

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